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sometimes it's a monday. thanks, everybody, for inviting us in your home. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced. we'll straighten it out. we'll straighten it out. unafraid. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> shepard: breaking now at fort bliss army base in texas. another shooting. details coming shortly. sit down with mahmoud ahmadinejad. i'm shepard smith. this is fox news. >> we have never sought to dominate others. >> shepard: the iranian leader at the united nations general assembly and speaking out the nuclear program. the americans still held prisoner. and why he says the future belongs to iran. genetically engineered animals on your dinner table. the feds making a major decision about whether companies can sell scientifically modified food.
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tonight, is it safe to eat? plus, the great recession is over. tonight, the official word from economists and what it actually means for our recovery. first from fox this monday night, unemployment rate above 9%, it probably doesn't feel like an accurate diagnosis, but it is. economy cannists sigh the longest recession since world war ii, ended more than a year ago. the national bureau of economic research reports the recession ended in june of 2009. capping off total of 18 months of economic decline. today's announcement removes a lot of uncertainty in some quarters. since many analysts consider this group's measurement to be the official link of each recession. geri willis from the newsroom, how did this recession compare to previous? >> a doozie at 18 months, shep. look at a couple recessions. '81-'82, 16 months in that recession, which i know the
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viewers remember. '73-'75, another 16 months. this is the longest post-war recession we've seen. >> shepard: geri, the recession is over but doesn't mean problems with the economy are over. far from it. >> far from it. we have seen repossession of homes hit a new high in august. unemployment still a mess. just under 10%. we are seeing like 15 million americans without jobs out there. the trouble continues. it will be more banks going out of business this year. than did last year. lots of troubles ahead. i don't think this economy is out of the woods yet. jobs is a big factor. that's one thing we will be watching. >> shepard: gerri, live from the newsroom. recession being over is no surprise to wall street. they bid up the stocks 64% since the recession lows last year. the chart shows the selloff in 2008, followed by the recovery in 2009. the stocks surged today to discuss interest rates.
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many investors say they hope the fed will keep interest rate low. the dow up 146. nasdaq up 40 to highest level in four months. the s&p 500 up 17. gerri willis appears every network on the fox business network. every monday through friday, 5:00 eastern, 4:00 central. power to prosper. with so many people still looking for work, the president today chose not to celebrate word that the recession is technically over. instead he acknowledged the for many of us, times are still very tough. mike emanuel live at the white house with that. hi, mike. >> reporter: hi, shep. yes, 15 month since the experts say the recession ended, but we still have that very high unemployment. today, president obama tried to make it clear he understands so many american families are still suffering. >> obviously, for the millions of people still out of work, people who have seen their home values decline. people who are struggling to pay the bills day-to-day.
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it's still very real for them. >> republican party chairman michael steele offered this reaction, "there are no poll-tested lines or high profile speeches that can ensure the struggling families will get the jobs they need or pay the bills that are now past due." steele says americans are still waiting for the recovery that has never arrived. the president says it will take time. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel live at the white house where today the president reiterated he is keeping all of the options on the table for dealing with iran. the president's comments came the day after the iranian leader mahmoud ahmadinejad demanded the united states recognize his nation is a big power. president ahmadinejad also issued a warning to those who would challenge iran. >> those who insist on having hostility with us kill the option of having a friendship with us in the future, which is unfortunate, because it's clear that the future belongs to iran. >> shepard: that interview with "associated press" in new york ahead of ahmadinejad's address tomorrow at the united
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nations. david lee miller outside the facility at the u.n. what do we expect to hear from ahmadinejad when he speaks to the general assembly? >> it's not likely we will hear any dramatic announcement. we should point out that right now, ahmadinejad is scheduled to speak twice. both before the general assembly and tomorrow for a special summit on poverty. when he has spoken to a u.n. audience in the past, he specifically talked about israel calling it the zionist regime and saying it threatens other middle east countries and he accused the u.s. of seeking world domination. we can expect to hear more of that tomorrow. obama is also expected to speak at the united nations later this week. and the president is likely to say to iran that the door is open for some form of international dialogue, if it's interested. shep? >> shepard: david lee, he also spoke out yesterday about the country nuclear program. >> that's right. ahmadinejad said that iran is not going to impose any restriction whatsoever on taking part in talks with the united states and other countries concerning the
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future of its nuclear program. he said in his words if they tell us there is a joint meeting, we will make preparations for it. he also said iran has no intention of using nuclear capability for military purposes. >> translator: the point is if we had planned or wanted to build a nuclear bomb, we are brave enough to say that we want it. but we never do want it. we are saying that the existing arsenal of nuclear bombs has to be destroyed as well. >> reporter: in that interview, ahmadinejad also said that u.n. weapons inspectors never found any proof that iran was trying to construct a nuclear weapon. for sanctions, he said simply they don't work. the bottom line here is iran is going to go ahead with its own agenda whether the rest of the world likes it or not. >> shepard: david lee miller live at the united nations. president ahmadinejad commented on the american hikers whom officials in iran have been holding for more than a year now on spying charges. the iranians released one of the hikers, sarah shourd last
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week, but josh fattal and shane bauer are still in custody. president ahmadinejad said, "we hope that the other two will soon be able to prove and provide evidence to the court that they had no ill-intention in crossing the border, so that their release can also be secured." an important announcement tonight from another nation locked in a nuclear dispute with the western world. official news agency of north korea reports on the website the ruling party there will select new leadership a week from tomorrow. fox news cannot independently confirm that. leaders are expected to name heir to kim jong il who is the supreme leader said to have a stroke two years al. they believe they will give kim's youngest son official title possibly set up to one day succeed his father. developing right now, shooting at the fort bliss army base. we're told there are casualties and that's all we're told. expecting a live news conference shortly. we will take you there. feds say a man tried to plant a bomb at a busy chicago street over the weekend but
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for xerox to control its printing costs. so they can focus on winning on and off the field. [ manager ] are you sure i can't talk -- ok, no, i get it. [ male announcer ] with xerox, you're ready for real business. >> shepard: developing now on "fox report," we got details on a shooting at army base in texas. authorities say two people are dead and one other is hurt. army officials confirmed that fox news it happened at a convenience store on base. first reports of shots fired, multiple shots coming in at 3:00 local time. 4:00 eastern. law enforcement arrived within minutes of the first report and killed the person they believed to be the suspected shooter. again, one other killed as
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well, but we don't know the circumstances surrounding that. we don't know how badly the one person injured, how badly that person is hurt or what sort of motive the shooting may have had. i have promise you a live news conference on this. the satellite truck is not working at the moment so we don't have it for you but the information from the crews on scene. more information as it comes in to us on the "fox report." the bomb was fake. but the feds tell us the plot was very real. they say a 22-year-old man planted what he thought was an exclusive device in a trash can, just one block away from historic wrigley field in chicago. they claim that is not the only attack he had in mind. mike tobin worked chicago and the area for us and is live in the bureau there. actually outside the fail facility where it happened. just after the dave matthews concert let out, is my understanding. hundreds of people could have been in danger, right? >> well, you know, shep, the intent to harm was there, but the imminent danger was not. that according to charges documents is because the feds intervened and provided the
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suspect in this case with what they describe as a dud, a fake bomb. one that the suspect thought was real. but what the feds knew was not. now according to the documents he placed this in a trash can outside of famous wrigley field drinking establishment, slugger's. the bar where the batting cage is upstairs. you've probably seen it in movies. shortly thereafter, bunch of black suvs swooped in and swooped out, and concert goers and partiers on park street probably never knew they were in the midth of what would be a terrorist bomb blot and they were also never in real danger. >> shepard: it was a fake bomb supplied by the government. couldn't the defense argue it was entrapment? >> well, the f.b.i. says they were very aware of that. and because of that, they the suspect a number of opportunities to back out. still, because he said he wanted to proceed with the bomb plot, they thought the safest route to proceed was to provide him with the fake bomb. >> we certainly considered him to be a serious threat to the public.
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and if we didn't provide him with what he thought were materials he needed to carry out his plot he very well could have gone to someone else, got the assistance he needed without our knowledge and gone ahead and carried out the attack. >> according to the charging documents, the suspect talked about hitting the daley center and willis tower which you may know as the sears tower. he talked about poisoning lake michigan with the intent intented of poisoning the water supply for chicago to make the city uneasy that mayor daley your forced to resign. it's unclear if he knew at the time executing the plat mayor daley already announced he was stepping down. the suspect is not associated with any of the designated terrorist organization designated by the state department, but the f.b.i. says he was on the radar for quite some time. >> shepard: mike tobin live in chicago. thanks. another terrorist arrested at amsterdam airport where the accused underwear bomber caught his flight to the
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united states last christmas. we're told he's british. they say he flew from liverpool to amsterdam and was going to take off to uganda when cops moved in and pulled him off the plane. prosecutors tell us police acted on a tip from britains. there is word that the suspect may have links to somali group al shabab. police say he blew himself up at the gate wounding two soldiers. spokesman says their injuries are not serious. so far, he has not claimed responsibility for the attack. the biggest newspaper in mexico's violent city is giving in to the drug cartels. duvuarez is agreeing to restrict coverage of the drug war after an attack left one of the paper staffer dead. the attack happened in the city street thursday across the border from el paso, texas. yesterday, the newspaper responded with a front page editorial, directly targeting
7:16 pm
the drug gangs and read in part, "we ask you to explain what you want from us, what we should try to publish or not publish so we know what to expect." el diario reports it addressed the plea to drug gangs because they're essentially the ones in control of the city. imagine. violence between the cartels, the last two years has reportedly killed nearly 5,000 people. here at home, the food and drug administration is now deciding whether genetically-engineered salmon should be allowed on your dinner table. here it is. this image from massachusetts biotech firm, the company officials say the modified salmon, one in the back there, clearly grows twice as fast as the traditional variety. the company and even the fda claim it's perfectly safe to eat. supporters of the new salmon say it can meet growing food demands for seafood. some safety experts are not convinced the f.d.a. is doing all its homework. >> word is they don't have the right oversight to keep track of, this especially when it's done in a foreign
7:17 pm
country. this agency whose track record isn't great on oversight. we just went through a massive egg recall and they were in charge of pet food and we had imported pel food with melamine in it. >> the director of food and water watch says she's concerned the new breed could hurt wild salmon population. government said it will not. the company said they will modify and contain modified salmon. he has chased down criminals before, but now a police chief making an emotional plea for help to catch his daughter's killer. tonight, how his fellow officers responded. and a huge fire shutting down one of the nation's busiest railroads. cutting off a crucial bridge. that tens of thousands of commuters cross every day. the fall-out and the results coming up on "fox report." ♪ [ male announcer ] every siness day,
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>> shepard: a police chief said he never dreamed he'd be faced with a crime like this: the murder of his own daughter. officials found 23-year-old valerie hamilton's body over the weekend in storage unit in north carolina. her father is police chief in a nearby town of concorde. he begged cops across the country please help track down the killer. >> she was a good kid. she was a wonderful kid. she lived her life to take care of children. that's all she wanted to do. she was a perfect daughter. i miss her. i need justice for her. a few hours later, they arrested the suspect hundreds of miles away. jonathan serrie is live in the newsroom where it got started. across the border from canada, but they have ties to where it began. >> he glue up there.
7:22 pm
the u.s. marshalls say when they arrested him they found him asleep in a couch at a friend in his old neighborhood. they found what they believed was the suspect's stolen chevy blazer with the interior burned out. that vehicle was parked behind a local shopping ball. >> shepard: what do we know why this guy was a suspect? a lot of reasons if for that. >> they had security video showing them leaving at the same time early wednesday morning. because of the suspect sex to offender status, they were suspicious and they searched the home north of charlotte. then they searched a motel where the witnesses believe he had been staying last week. finally, evidence led them to a self-storage you want where they found the victim's body wrapped in some material. >> shepard >> shepard: jonathan serrie,
7:23 pm
live tonight. the suspect of a serial stabber faces one count can of murder and four counts of attempted murder. police earlier charged a 33-year-old seen here in a non-fatal stabbing that did not end in someone's death. it was a 26-year-old in flint, michigan. investigators have also linked him to 13 other attacks in that state. three in virginia and one in ohio. they arrested him as he tried to board a flight to his native israel. if convicted he faces possibility of life in prison with no chance of parol. status update tonight on report that facebook is building a phone. social networking site comments on whether those reports are true. plus security beneath the streets. >> in the battle to prevent terror attacks in new york city, some 500 new security cameras go online. giving police instant access to some of the world's
7:24 pm
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achieve what's ahead of you. investors are demanding more for their money. good. this time, i'm watching fees like a hawk. i hate hidden fees. why should i have to pay for something that i shouldn't have to pay for? td ameritrade's pricing is clear and it's straightforward... it's spelled out upfront. no hidden fees... no bait and switch. no gotchas. and there's one flat rate for online equity trades... for big accounts... or small ones. that's the way it ought to be. time for fresh thinking. time for td ameritrade. >> shepard: continuing coverage of fort bliss shooting. "assiated press" reports said two dead, one injuried. we're now told that the authorities shot and killed the gunmen and there are two injured victims. we're further told it happened at a convenience store on base and these are the first new pictures from the site. officials say law enforcement
7:28 pm
teams killed the suspected gunmen. you see the security presence in the area. more information as it comes in on to "fox report." tonight, facebook is denying a report it's developing a cell phone. that he already make software for a number of platforms but the gadget blog techcrunch reported that the social networking site was working on its own piece of hardware. but now a spokesperson for facebook says the report is not accurate adding whenever we work on deep integration, people want to call it a facebook phone because it's an attractive sound bite. but building phones is just not what we do. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is "fox report." bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. out of traffic, but no longer out of sight. police installing hundreds of additional surveillance cameras to watch for trouble on america's largest subway system. the high-tech surveillance equipment is now up and running in three of new york city's busiest transit hubs.
7:29 pm
which just so happen to be three of the places analysts warn terrorists might like to attack. fox report jonathan hunt is live outside the new york headquarters with a look at the surveillance network. >> a year ago this week, there was an arrest in an advanced plot to bomb the new york city subway system. the uncovering that plot led to greater urgency in the effort to try to protect the city's transit system and today's announcement is one more phase in that battle to prevent terror attacks. city officials say the 500 new cameras installed in the new york transportation hub are a major step forward in what you call monitoring and disrupting potential terror attacks. it brings the total number of cameras in the subway system to something like 3,700. those cameras all give an
7:30 pm
instant feed to coordination center based in lower manhattan. there are some civil liberty concerns being expressed by some activists. >> the possibilities certainly is there. that there will be abuse. we have no safeguard. we don't have any meanful recognition of privacy concerns. >> if you think of it takes it away freedoms but i prefer to think of it this is what is guaranteeing our freedoms. much more serious threat on the other side. >> commissioner ray kelly, the police commissioner point out the cameras in the past played a major role in investigating attacks and attempted attacks, now they will play a greater role in preventing those attacks, because of significant developments in the way that the software can be used in monitoring anybody, carrying out any sort of suspicious activity. >> this makes it possible for
7:31 pm
us to scan recorded footage for particular objects and colors. if we are looking for if we look for person in red jacket we can call up all the red jackets filmed in the last 30 days. >> according to commissioner kelly, shep, that software can be programmed to alert officers to unattended packages or anyone entering restricted errors in the subway system. human intelligence has a role to play and will continue to have a role to play in the fight against terrorism, technology is playing a more and more important role as we move forward in that battle. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, live, rockefeller center in midtown manhattan. well, they were afraid there was about to be a mass suicide. they had a frantic all-night search. now police in california have found more than a dozen members of what we're told is a break-away religious sect. cops say they were praying together in a park when they found them about an hour north and east of los angeles. family members reported them
7:32 pm
missing over the weekend. members of the sect say it was just a misunderstanding. >> i don't know. we left the cell phone to and didn't call them. i didn't want to be interrupted. >> shepard: but according to investigators they left cash and personal documents along with what seemed to be farewell letters referring to the afterlife, going to see jesus and the end of the world. officials described this woman as the cult-like leader of the sect. their words. she's now undergoing a mental evaluation. trace gallagher has more from the west coast news hub tonight. the so-called leader of the group now held for a mental health evaluation. yeah, because, shep, when investigators first began questioning her, she gave them a false name and said she did not have any kids, though her two kids were with her. we know she is a single mother of two and when she was divorced four years ago, she got heavily involved in a
7:33 pm
main street church in that are area. she broke away and started a prayer group. she is religious but she is not fanatical. police found the group in the park praying and they had food and water. even their dogs. and they say they're not cult members. listen. >> did you see me? i'm okay, the son, the dogs, everybody is okay. we eat just like you. do we don't see nothing bad. we're okay. >> that so-called cult leader is being held for mental evaluation for the next two days. >> shepard: police are like look, what were we supposed to do? they left what looked like last will and testament. >> and the husband of two of the missing women went to the cops saying they thought the wives were brainwashed. keep in mind the group gathered before and waited for the rapture, the end of the world and return of jesus. that's apparently what they were doing out there this
7:34 pm
weekend which is why they said their last goodbyes in writing. but some of the younger people who you see there, say they didn't leave anything behind. listen. [ inaudible ] >> why didn't you leave things behind so people would understand? >> i didn't leave anything behind. >> what did you do? >> eat. >> reporter: one of the big concerns to the police, one of the 13 people, two of them were toddlers. that's why they took it seriously. if you go to 1997, heaven's gate, 39 members of that cult took their lives north of san diego. >> shepard: off to chase the comet. all we need. thanks. raging fire beneath a new york city bridge today caused all sorts of alarm and shut down commuter rail line. look at the pictures. huge flame and giant cloud of smoke ungulfing part of the 138 street bridge. uptown in manhattan. it appeared that wooden
7:35 pm
pilings underneath that bridge were on fire. officials say metro north trains which go up to westchester and rockland county and beyond, out of new york city's grand central station were down for two hours. hundreds if not thousands of people stranded while the fire department battle from boats and on the harlem river. no word on an exact cause. in atlanta, an airplane backing up traffic for miles after making emergency landing right there on on the busy stretch of i-85. happened at the start of the rush hour, a few miles short of peach tree decab airport. the federal aviation reports no injuries and we're told investigators are on scene to determine the cause. another danger on the highway. distracted drivers. i know, you've heard it. this one is serious. the government is out with a new report on how dangerous they are. the national highway traffic safety administration reports drivers using cell phones killed more than 5,000 people last year. get this, one of every six
7:36 pm
highway deaths happen when people were distracted while driving. the feds say distracted drivers caused crashes, that injured more than 400,000 people. a utah wild fire destroys at least three homes and the state national guard acknowledging it's not the first time that training drill sparked blaze at camp williams. top story on fox trip across america. utah, if live fire exercise trigger wildfire yesterday 30 miles south of salt lake city. look at the video of the flames as they burned down one of the homes. officials ordering 1,500 other houses evacuated. these two people say they saw the blaze approach. >> all afternoon, watching it from the porch on the other side of the mountain. then it just, it came down the mountain. >> we have had many fires out here, but never this close. >> state national guard spokesman says artillery training on machine gun range started the whole thing. oregon, police involved in a
7:37 pm
shoot-out with a robbery and kidnapping suspect who reportedly had been on the run since last week. this homeowner says two bullets went in his house and said he was worried about his family. >> especially with the kids around and stuff. you don't keep them a little closer to you. you wondering. is it going to come in the day? at night? >> the suspect said to be in the hospital. texas, authorities say a father shot to death his three kids age 7, 12, 14. then tried to kill himself. it happened at his apartment in houston. a sheriff's office statement indicates the 47-year-old is divorced from his children's mother. and was facing a court hearing on child visitation rights and he is reportedly in stable condition at the hospital. that's fox watch across america. hurricane igor slamming bermuda and causing dangerous waves farther up and down the east coast of the united states. we'll go to extreme weather center next. plus, as we count down to the crucial mid-term election, head to fox and download the new america's
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>> shepard: heavy rainfall causing problems up and down the texas coast today. floodwaters swamping major roadways and stranding drivers in and around corpus christi. a coast guard official says rescue teams there are searching for a man who was swept away in the rushing water after his car was stuck. flash flood warning for much of the day and they could still get heavy rainfall. hurricane igor causing high surf and powerful currents along the eastern seaboard, as the storm heads north to canada. igor is still a category one hurricane, maximum sustained winds, 75 miles per hour. the winds did a job on bermuda over the weekend. the storm smashing in the island yesterday. knocking boats off the mooring, slamming trees to the ground. our senior correspondent rick leventhal was there as igor started to make his presence known. >> a close-up look at the violent waves that are hitting bermuda southern
7:42 pm
coast with worst of hurricane igor several hours away. we're seeing storm surge and pretty rough conditions. >> the rough surf has already chewed away several feet of sand at the coconut restaurant at the reef hotel. you can see the rocks exposed because the beach used to be several feet higher, up to the base of the platform here. and the few hotel guests that are still here have been moved to the more secure area, the condos high on the cliff to keep them out of harm's way. >> shepard: that was yesterday. cross over now live to rick leventhal streaming from south hampton in bermuda. how bad does it look today, rick? >> well, shep, you know bermuda is known in part for the pink sand beaches but much of the sand is now gone because it was the front lines against the storm. a little more than 24 hours ago the beach at the reese was a much more violent place with 15-foot rollers smashing against the cliff and the ocean front restaurants, battering wooden decks and patios and revealing giant
7:43 pm
bolders buried beneath the beach. worst of igor hit us on the southern coast before 11:00 last night feeling more powerful than the category status with gusts of 93 miles per hour or more. howling wind and heavy sideways rain. early this morning we discovered how well the tiny iland weathered igor's punches. there were some trees down, but most of them were still standing. power lines were hanging low. we saw minor property damage and at least one boat under water, but there were no serious injuries. and no deaths in bermuda overnight. the biggest impact was the loss of power, more than three-quarters of the customers. some 28,000 of the island 35,000 homes were left in the dark last night. at last report, 7500 customers were still without power. considering igor was a massive cat-4 earlier in the week, people here are grateful that the losses are just temporary. they lost some lights and they lost some stand. >> shepard: rick leventhal
7:44 pm
streaming live from bermuda. thanks. the judge presiding over the terrible home invasion and triple murder in connecticut is out of the hospital tonight. the judge was in the hospital, reportedly expected to return to the case now on wednesday. over the weekend, judge complained he was feeling light headed and after several days of testing he's said to be feeling very well. after one more day off, he will be back in charge of the trial of steven hayes. in 2007, hayes and an accomplish broke in a home in connecticut and took a family of four hostage. investigators tell us the suspects tortured the family, raped a mother, raped an 11-year-old girl. in the end, killed everyone but the father. a man in kentucky accused of killing his wife claims caffeine made him do it. police say a man 33-year-old woody schmidt here used an extension cord to strangle his wife amanda last may, but his lawyer argues that the client became temporarily insane. because he ingested too many
7:45 pm
caffeinated drinks, energy drinks, soda and diet pills. he calls it caffeine intoxication. it has been used as a defense in at least one other case, in 2009. when a washington state man was cleared of charges following a hit-and-run crash that injured two college students. more than 12 months after, doctors said the lockerbie bomber had a year to live, he's getting out of bed and walking around. that from a man whose daughter died in that bombing. jim swire visited the convicted killer abdelbaset al-megrahi at a hospital in libya, reportedly at al-megrahi's invitation. he's trying to get a new trial claiming he is not guilty. last year, the government in scotland released al-megrahi on what called at the time compassionate grounds after doctors claimed he was dying quickly of dancer. heavy rains and landslides killed nearly 50 people. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds.
7:46 pm
india: the monsoon rainfall causing flash floods and mudslides in the north. state government spokesman says falling boulders crush canned homes in three villages, killing dozens. the downpour pushing water at dam to danger level. china: a big fire at a factory in the northwestern city. place said to be a fireworks shop. they say more than 150 firefighters and two dozen engines were battling the flames. we're told nobody was hurt. croatia, check out the incredible boat rescue in a river in the capital city. they tried to tow the man's vessel to safety first and had to give up to try to save him. the rescue worker managing to harness the 56-year-old seconds before his boat went under. helicopter carried the two to land and both men appeared to
7:47 pm
be fine. italy: coliseum in rome up in flames as part of an art project. it's not a real fire. husband and wife team creating illusion with the video equipment and say they want to inspire debate of the fragility of the cultural heritage site. the project costs nearly $700,000. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world. in 80 seconds. politics now as the president hits the campaign trail for a candidate whose rival he backed in the primaries. what that could mean for the balance of power in congress straight ahead. plus, lady gaga. yes, lady gaga getting political today. even proposing a new law for the united states military. why she thinks some soldiers need to, "go home." that's coming up. saving for yo. [ woman ] when you want a bank that travels with you. with you when you're ready for the next move.
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>> shepard: fox news is america's news headquarters. the president hit the campaign trail tonight in philadelphia. as we count down to the midterm elections. president obama is there to raise money for the u.s. senate hopeful joe sestak. though the president actually backed his opponent during a divisive democratic primary last may. you may recall, sestak ran against long-time republican senator, arlen specter who switched parties for the democrats last year. and sestak won the nomination and now he has president obama's support, as he battles from behind with a tight race with his g.o.p. rival. campaign carl campaign live in philadelphia. the president's support didn't help specter. is the thinking it will help sestak? >> reporter: sestak is certainly counting on it. and there is the money. he needs it. he would haven't appeared with if president if he didn't think it would help or he needed the help. there is benefit of the president megaphone, amplification and the attention it will bring. attempt to unify the party
7:52 pm
after the divisive primary between sestak and specter. i didn't help specter then but sestak hopes it will be different and now they're running against a republican and the president would like to make it a red versus blue republican versus democrat bright line with him on the side of sestak. >> shepard: and as it goes over time, the detractors of the president will say the president is going to hurt you by being, there sestak. he is going to hurt you. >> well, look, detracker number one on the republican side of this is pat toomey, the former congressman and head of the fiscally conservative club for growth. the g.o.p. nominee actually made the point today that the president's visit may be something of a blessing in disguise for him, because it will underscore that sestak and the president share a lot of policy view in mind of toomey and republican. so, it's a double-edge sword. the president's unpopularity and the fact that in this
7:53 pm
state, the unemployment state is high are the things that can cut both ways against the democrat sestak. and perhaps even help toomey if the president becomes something of a drag on the democratic candidates. >> shepard: carl cameron live in the city of brotherly love. now lady gaga, pop star continuing for support of gays in the military calling for congress to repeal "don't ask, don't tell." in a rally in maine, lady or gaga or whatever you call her stood alongside veterans who had been discharged because of the policy and recommended the military adopt a new law she calls "go home." >> if you are not capable of keeping your oath to the armed forces, to defend the constitution of the united states against our enemies, foreign and domestic, bear true allegiance to do the same, unless there is a gay soldier in my unit, then go home! >> shepard: no poker face there. proposal to repeal "don't
7:54 pm
ask, don't tell" is attached to the defense authorization bill which democrats will attempt to vote on this week. right now, that vote is considered too close to call. a california judge today issued an arrest warrant for one lindsay lohan after she said on twitter she failed a second court-ordered drug test. you will remember lindsay lohan spent two weeks behind bars in late july and early august for violating probation in two d.u.i. cases. she could face 30 days or so more jailtime. it appears paris hilton will avoid jailtime. she pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of cocaine possession, stemming from her arrest last month in las vegas. she was facing felony charges but instead hilton took a plea deal. one-year probation, complete drug program, pay $2,000 fine and perform community service. swimming across the english channel. i mean who could do that? the water is very cold. the currents are legendary. try telling that to a quadruple amputee who just took the plunge.
7:55 pm
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>> shepard: now the inspirational story of the night. a man who lost both arms and both legs in a freak accident making history with a swim across the english channel. did he it in about 13 and a half hours using leg prosthesis with flippers attached. his team says that's a record for time for a disabled swimmer. 42 years old quadruple amputee who thought it would take 24 hours to make it across the channel. he lost his limbs in 1984 electrocuted while adjusting television antenna. ajoisting some of fox top stories. the recession is over and it has been since june of 2009 according to the group of a panel which keeps track of economic downturns. the man fort bliss reports gunman dead after he shot at the army post. we're told two others were wounded. and food regulators are now trying to decide whether a new breed of genetically modified
7:59 pm
salmon is safe for americans to eat. and on this day in 1963, then president john f. kennedy surprised the nation when he proposed a joint mission to the moon with the soviet union. two years earlier president kennedy had called on the united states to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. the prospect of working with the enemy to accomplish that lofty goal took a lot of americans off guard. after all, there was a little matter known as the cold war and, yet, soviet leaders reportedly liked the idea quite a lot. but two months later an assassin killed our president and any hope of a joint mission quickly disappeared. in 1969, the americans beat the soviets to the moon but the space race took a day off 47 years ago today. and we're about to take another shuttle to the pad right now. the second to the last mission for the shuttle. they have just brought it o

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